Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Kittens

It's true - I have kittens, and I'm giving them away - FOR FREE!!!!

I have had many people question this particular practice on my part.  Here's the deal - I really LOVE kittens.  They are so cute and so fun and they make me so so so happy - and I have some leftover issues from my childhood about always wanting baby animals around but not being allowed to have them.  So, I keep avoiding the spaying of my lovely girl cat, and keep allowing her to produce litters of kittens that I cannot keep.

It turns out, though, that my mother had a point.  While baby animals are very cute, loving and satisfying - they also have some negative qualities.  Namely, the hair and the smell. Plus, there is the social stigma of being perceived as a crazy cat lady (at least not until I'm a little older).  Plus, there is the hygiene issue of stuffing four boys, six frogs, one lizard, one hermit crab (who may or may not be dead), one dog, four cats, and six kittens into one very small home.

So, here's the deal - I love the kittens - but they got to go. Still, this creates a major issue in my life.  Because I love them, I don't really want to drown them, leave them in the wild to fend for themselves, or donate them to the humane society (Plus, my son, Elijah, who is a cat lover, would never forgive me for any of the above). I need to find homes for the cuddly little fur balls - but for some reason, there are no takers.
Very cute kitten
Another issue - you know about that whole Chinese 'no girl' policy - which I, for the record, am totally against.  I'm feeling the same way about these kittens.  If the boys end up staying, it's OK because they can't contribute more litters (at least not to my house) - but the girls have to go - even if I have to go against my own principles to make it happen.  I will accept sons, a boy dog and boy cats - what does that say about me?  (maybe I just like being the one queen of this kingdom).

Bottom line - this blog is a plea.  Please, somebody, come and take these baby cats off of my hands.  They are very cute, very funny, very cuddly, and very in need of a stable home (especially the female!!!!).  Come on - you know you want one - and you can't beat the price!!!



  1. i want the grey and black kitten

  2. What kind of cat are they? Race, I mean.

    1. I want to know what breed they r they r cute