Monday, June 21, 2010

Better tag

Horray for summer!  Hooray for long days, glorious weather, and HAVING to be no place at no particular time.

When I was a kid, summers were spent swimming and playing at The Park Forest Aqua Center - and my children are following in that tradition.  We lay around the house, lazy as can be, until noon - and then we head for the pool.  It's great because my boys can just live in their swimming suits.  They put them on for the first time a few weeks ago, and never took them off. Now they wear them to bed, in the shower, out to restaurants, everywhere - then they get up in the morning all ready for the pool.  No more putting laundry away for me!!!!

Here's a treat for you.  It's like a mini "How I Spent My Summer" slide show kind of thing:

Life just doesn't get much better than that!  Plus, in my two first days of summer break, I have already managed to have some new ideas, new insights and accomplishments.

First of all - I accomplished something off of my ABC Things To Do Around Here This Summer list.  S is for Sit in a Pool - and I did that!!!!  I still need to get my photo proof - you see, my annoying, and electronically stunted husband, can't manage to point the camera in the direction of his subject and then push the button - so, I'll have to get someone else to take the picture for me.  However, I don't need proof, I know in my heart that letter S is complete.

Now for the new idea.  I have a new summer exercise - and it's awesome.  POOL TAG!  To all you boring, non-tag playing adults out there - you suck!  Playing tag with kids is so much more fun and so much more satisfying - and playing it in a pool adds complexity and dimension to the game (plus, my extra weight and weak knees don't hold me back).  I can out swim all those little kids!!!  I am the tag queen!!!  And what a workout!

Finally, the new insight.  I have come up with a solution for a problem I know many of us face.  With age comes the need to take vitamins on a daily basis, right?  Well, with vitamins comes yellow urine, right?  OK, so, nobody wants to get out of the pool in the middle of a hot game of tag - but there is the issue of the obvious yellow cloud in the water.  Well - I have the answer.  When you gotta go, grab some young child - any little kid will do. Hold them in front of you and act like you're playing with them.  This way - when you pee, people will assume it's the kid  - and nobody blames a little kid for peeing in the pool.  GENIUS!!!!!

Well, guess I had better start another summer day.  I'm considering a shower - I don't know, though.  We'll see what the day brings.

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