Monday, April 26, 2010

The Anti Shoe

I know that by now everyone has heard about the awesome shoes that tone your muscles while you walk around all day long.  I even saw them at K-mart the other day.  But - I, always being up on the latest get thin craze, happen to still own one of the first pairs of MBT shoes (the original). I don't really know why they call them the anti-shoe - like they are shoes that are against shoes - like they're going to start a revolution or something.  Who knows. Anyway - even though they don't get along well with other shoes, I do have a pair, and I know my pair isn't armed - so I pulled them out and put them on today:

My foot wearing an MBT shoe.

So, I bet you are wondering how it is to wear these super awesome exercise shoes all day.  Well, imagine you are in a room full of three year olds trying to balance on two inverted turtle shells all day long.  That is a basic description of how my day went (sounds like a punishment in Dante's Inferno, doesn't it?)
Imagine balancing on two of these all day long!

But I didn't stop there - no, not me!  I also took a walk over my lunch break and went to the park where I played Frisbee while holding the dog on his leash - all while balancing on two turtles.  so, now I'm home, and while my glutes don't feel any different - my feet really hurt.  

Do you want to know how much they hurt?  Well, usually if I am wearing shoes with ties, I wait until after my husband finishes making dinner and doing the dishes to have him untie and remove my shoes so that he can rub my feet and put my slippers on them.  Today - I went ahead and took off my own shoes WHILE he was making dinner, AND I put on my own slippers.  But it's really a good kind of pain, because now that the shoes are off and my feet are up, they are so relieved to be out of the shoes that they feel great.  Besides, I feel like I'm probably going to sleep really well tonight.  My feet are looking so forward to going to bed.  

But I am going to do it again tomorrow - and here's why:

Weird a-sexual naked guy wearing exercise shoes.

As weird a-sexual naked guy demonstrates - these shoes target all of my trouble spots (except for the fat arms - I still need the hand weights for those).  Really, if you think about it, sore feet are not a huge price to pay for a high quality work out like this one.  As the MBT web site states "you'll exercise muscles your trainer didn't even know you had."  Before you know it I will look just like weird a-sexual naked guy!

In other news - I packed my first work 'waste free' lunch:

My healthy 'waste free' lunch.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that right there.  It was a little harder than I expected .I usually toss in a yogurt and a fiber bar - but they both have waste.  I was going to just take them out of their packages at home and put them in containers so there would be no waste in my lunch, but I figured thats kind of like cheating - so, more changes to work on.


  1. cool. I've wondered about those shoes and have waited for others who aren't quite as skeptical as I to pass judgment upon them before getting a pair.
    My kid's school had waist free lunch days- I'm definately a yogurt culpret- but if its recycled, is it really waste?
    Good Job!

  2. True - but my job has no recycling, so, unless I want to rinse my yogurt container and then bring it home to be recycled, I'm afraid it is waste. Probably better to buy yogurt in large containers and add fruit to it.

  3. Walking on inverted turtles, huh? I think I'll pass on the shoes. Very good, funny blog job!

  4. One summer in 1971 I wore those wooden Dr. Scholl sandals and lost 9 pounds and had only one ankle sprain. Maybe there's something to these weird shoes. Aunt Lenore (sorry I don't know how to sign in)