Monday, April 12, 2010

Day One.

So far so good. I packed a healthy lunch for work and set my phone alarm to go off at 12:30 and remind me to take a walk during my lunch break. I stuck to this plan until.... somebody asked if I had gone to my favorite ice cream shop yet which just re-opened for the season. AAAAAARRRRRGHH.

I first thought "Oh yeah I can take the kids there after work." Then, less enthusiastically, I thought "Oh yeah, I changed my life this morning."
What a bummer! I am now wondering if improving my healthy outlook will really help me achieve inner peace - or is it ice cream that does that?

Well - the next step for the day is to write down all of the foods I ate as well as the exercise I got. Then I have to consider whether I am going to forgive the skinny little twenty something girl who was a total b**** today, or give up speaking to, assisting or giving advice to her for all of eternity. Not sure which of those choices leads to inner peace either.

This might be harder than I thought.

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