Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids say the darndest thing

A letter Mikey (age 7) wrote to me at school:


I love you so much! You make me diner and you help me with my homework. I hope this gets me more thime on the computer.


OK - now, that one made me laugh out loud. Think he might be being slightly manipulative there? No - he just appreciates all of the wonderful things I do for him each day. I am feeling the love and the desire to make more, better dinners.

Other than the "awwwwwwww" factor and the humor factor - maybe you are wondering why this has been included in a blog about getting healthy. Well - the humor factor is it. I had been feeling a little down - but that simple, lovely note, where Mikey thought he was being slick trying to wrangle some extra computer time, brought a smile to my face and a soaring of joy to my heart.

Yes - the boys running screaming naked through the house while I am trying to watch the Idol results gets on my nerves. Yes, I get tired of hearing who did what to whom. Yes the whining over the computer is enough to make my head explode. But, man oh man, those little guys can fill me with glee (except for when they wont shut up while I am trying to watch GLEE. I mean, I have no idea what happened on the series premier last night - did anyone get to see it?).

Oh yeah - where was I? They fill my heart with glee - even when they're awake.

The key is to hold onto that joy even when things aren't going so great. No matter how bad things get - Mikey's letter will bring a smile to my face, and peace to my soul. I love that crazy little guy.

This may be breakthrough number one. Holding onto and remembering at least one bit of delightfulness even when things seem untenable.

OK readers - you decide. Can we count this as step one of enlightenment? Or am I way off base?


  1. Yes it can count. As much as DJ can make me nuts I've learned that the little things he does puts everything into prespective.

  2. I think finding one bit of joy in every day regardless of the obstacles is a huge step toward inner peace.

  3. DEFINITELY ENLIGHTENMENT! I have to AGREE w/Joann, finding one bit of joy in each day is DEF a huge step towards peace & Ms. Joann I will be borrowing this as a STAT :-)

    Kristi, I just want to say, THANKS for creating this BLOG...although I do not comment on every thing I read DAILY! I feel we are on the same page of seeking inner peace at our MATURED age :-)...I have been struggling with improving my mental, spiritual, & physical but daily I get a bit discouraged. This has made me think of doing a blog myself maybe it will help me to reach my transformation goals with the support of others. THANKS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!