Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lovely Lilacs

Today was such a lovely day.  I joined my husband and my boys on a trip to Lilacia Park in Lombard, IL.  If you have never been there, you should go, and soon.  It is a beautiful little green area full of cobblestone paths, gardens and lilacs.  The lilacs are the reason to go soon.  They are blooming now - and will only last until mid-May at the most.  As you walk along the paths and admire the spring flowers, you become overwhelmed by the sweet, clean, lovely smell of the blooming lilacs.  I wish I could send that smell through the computer so that you could experience the full impact of  this beautiful place and state of being.  The calm atmosphere, the tender sunshine, the whisper of cool spring air, the visual beauty, and the enticing smell gently lull you into a spirit of peacefulness.  Seriously, even MY barbaric children were calmed and tranquil.  I think that the sense of inner peace I have been talking about was achieved in this simple, lovely place.

For those of you non-believers - I have proof of the awesome power of spring in Lilacia Park.  I walked happily down these paths with my husband - a truly annoying person  - and I wasn't the least bit irked by his presence or by him talking to me.  Actually, this general feeling of happiness with his company has continued for several hours now (wierd, but acceptible).  My boys also have been kind to one another, sharing, complimenting, playing together, and acting as though they actually like eachother.  And guess what, all this with NO COFFEE? The lovely lilac is a powerful thing.

My children before Lilacia Park

And After

I now have a renewed belief in aroma-therapy, and am going to look into lilac oil, lilac bushes, lilac potpourri, and strategiacally placed sprigs of lilac throughout my home,  for my own peace and the peace of my family.  I want to hold onto this lilac feeling I have, and improve brotherly relations.  So, the next time you are sitting in a quiet spot, happily reading some blog, laughing heartily, and you suddenly notice a waft of lilac scent on the air, and you look up to see a smiling family skipping down the street hand in hand with smiles on their faces and love in their eyes, you will know it is me.  You can wave, and I will know it is you.


  1. beautiful Kristi...the chances of me getting donnie to take us, depends on if they have a pond to fish! AND if I drive, I'll get us lost. Thanks for sharing
    <3 ~ Kel

  2. They had a fountain - you could tell him there's supposed to be fish in it.

  3. A few people have asked - so here is a link to lilacia park.