Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day Part 2

Today we went to yet another Earth Day celebration, this time at another favorite place, Thorn Creek Nature Preserve in Park Forest, IL.  Unfortunately, it was raining - which generally puts a bit of a damper (literally) on an Earth Day celebration.  In fact, I have an idea.  Maybe, instead of healthcare, what Obama should be working on is passing a law that it only rains at night.  That way, we would get all the benefits of rain without getting stuck inside on the weekends.

Pass legislation # 487.  Never let this happen to any child again!

Fortunately, because the new law has not yet been passed, Thorn Creek had an indoor contingency plan and the day was really fun, once again, quite educational, and really well attended.  Unfortunately, I didn't want to carry my very awesome camera through the rain, so I didn't get any pictures at the event to share with you.

I did, however, get such a wonderful simple idea which is probably a huge step towards my new 'green attitude.' If you already thought of this idea, and want to tell me that I am way behind the times - sorry - but you can keep your criticism to yourself (I'm really not good with criticism - ask my husband, I almost knifed him when he told me I made a grammatical mistake), (but then I went on the computer and corrected it, shhhhhhh).

So, here it is - Waste Free Lunches!  There is even a website:  Tara at Thorn Creek came up with a challenge.  every family who brought a waste free lunch (meaning no garbage at all) got to take home a prize.  Well, you know I love winning, and you know I love prizes, so I was all over that challenge.  At first I was going to just bring bananas and oranges - but I didn't really feel like listening to my children whining that they were hungry.  Then I was going to try to find a bunch of little tiny containers, but we didn't have enough in the house.  Then - I went to K-mart, and found the most awesome things - ON SALE.
Ziploc Divided Container

Ziploc makes these sectioned off containers with a big section for a main course, and two smaller sections for fruit or snacks or dips or whatever.  They're like re-usable lunchable containers.  I got one for each of us, and each member of the family had their own personalized lunch - with no garbage - OOH OOH!

Best part - I GOT A PRIZE!  And such a nice prize, too.  I got a beautiful garden starter kit.  Love It!

So - this is one idea I plan to stick to.  When I pack my healthy lunch every day, I am going to continue with the NO WASTE challenge.  My husband does all the dishes, anyway, so its no skin off my nose to bring containers back home instead of throwing baggies away.  So, it's gone with the days of "all disposable sack lunches," and in with "Eco-lunches."  How cool is that?  I'm feeling greener every second.  Thank you Thorn Creek for the great idea, and the great day!
A Green Lunch.  Yummy!!!

Oh yeah - and, bad news.  I started reading Yoga for Smartasses, and so far it's not funny at all.The only funny thing is the cover - but we'll see.


  1. I'm gonna' look for those containers. I throw a baggie out every day, and now I feel guilty. As long as they can be washed in the dishwasher, I'm good to go!

  2. great idea Kristi!