Monday, April 12, 2010

The decision to get healthy

Well - here it is. Yesterday I decided it was time to get healthy - in mind, body and spirit. That was after me, my husband and three of our four sons headed out in our mini-van and stoppped at burger king for Mikey, McDonalds for Marko and Elijah, and Oberweis for all of us. We went to a beach where I climbed halfway up a sand dune - and was then out of breath plus my knees were cracking under the weight and in protest of this activity. I stood there halfway up the dune thining - what happened to me? I will be 39 this year - and somehow the decade between 30 and 40 has changed me. Not only physically, but mentally as well.

I used to be idealistic. I was all for world peace, living at one with the earth, being connected to nature, eating healthful foods, listening to music, traveling to national parks, etc. so - where did I go? How does a nature loving hippie become a fat mini-van driving disillusioned mother of fast food, computer, television loving children living in the midwest?

I think coming close to 40 is the natural time to ask these questions - right?? Maybe also the natural time to do something about it - which is what I have decided to do. So, starting today, I am beginning a major change. I am going to try to find the person I once was and try to infuse that person into the life I now lead. And what better way to record those changes than to blog about it.

All right world - if you're out there paying attention. This is officially day one. I will let you know later how it went.

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