Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sorry About Sunday

So - I guess people weren't happy that I missed my blog on Sunday - based on the e-mails I received and the one threat.  So, I'll admit it - Sunday didn't turn out to be such a healthy day for me, and I didn't feel very inspired or inspirational at the end of it.  At the suggestion of a friend (the same one who threatened me), I will tell you how Sunday went awry, and you can tell me whether or not you relate.

It began like any other Sunday - in some ways better than most.  I slept in luxuriously late (or so I thought), stretched and got up.  Upon checking the clock, I found it was actually only 7:00 AM.  I drank some tea, and surfed the web a bit.  I then attended a weight watchers meeting and was told I have lost 2 pounds (I know, I ROCK!).  Then I rushed home and picked up my son and we went to church.  I then rushed back home, and got the rest of the family and we headed out for The Camp Shaw Open House (Camp shaw is, by the way, a wonderful residential summer camp if you are looking for a great place to send your kids this summer).

anyway, none of us had eaten, so we discussed where to stop for food.  We decided on Subway -  a healthy choice - but also the pivotal moment of my day.  Here's how the unhealthiness began:

We pulled up to Subway - everyone happy and chatty and getting along great.  My husband was going in with my oldest son while I waited in the car with the other boys, so I wrote down EXACTLY what I wanted.  here is what I wrote:

Chicken Teriyaki
Honey Wheat Bread
PJ Cheese
No Onions
All Peppers
Sweet Onion Sauce
Oil and Vinegar, S & P

Pretty clear what I wanted, right?  Apparently wrong.  They exited Subway long skinny bags in hand.  They got in the car and we drove off.  Then they passed out the sandwiches.

I need to interject that a friend of mine, (the same one who threatened me), usually does the ordering at Subway, and what I get is a salad inside of bread, oozing with Sweet Onion Sauce, with so many vegetables that I can't even fit my mouth around it.  I am accustomed to a sandwich that requires both a fork for all of the fallen vegetables, and 32 napkins for all of that sweet sticky sauce.  This is not the sandwich I got.

Mouth watering, I opened my long skinny bag, and unwrapped my very light, thin sandwich.  I sensed there was something missing in this sandwich so I opened it to peek inside.The first thing I noticed was the sauce.

Me: "This isn't Sweet Onion Sauce - what is this yellow stuff."

  My husband immediately blamed my teenage son saying that he had done the ordering.

 Steven: "There was no Sweet Onion Sauce on the menu so thats Southwest Sauce."

Then I noticed the major lack of vegetables - there was only a little lettuce and a few green peppers.

Steven: "All you wrote was no onions, so I thought thats what you meant."

Me: "I meant I wanted everything but onions and where are all the peppers?  I said ALL PEPPERS."

Steven:  "There are peppers!"

Me:  "You mean this one green pepper?  I wanted ALL the peppers.  Where's the jalapenos, the banana peppers, the gardinaire?"

Anyway it went on like this for a few minutes - and then I decided to let it go.  I ate the pitiful little sandwich, and we were on our way.

So we got to Camp Shaw Open House, and they were giving away hamburgers, for FREE.  So, because I was still feeling disappointed and unsatisfied by my Subway Sandwich, I ate one.  But that wasn't all.  They also had FREE marshmallow roasting.  There is nothing better than a warm, lightly browned marshmallow, all gooey and sweet - so I decided to go ahead and have one.  I lost count around 6 (or was it 8?).

We did have a great time there - but those marshmallows reminded me of another favorite dessert, so I checked my GPS for a TGI Fridays nearby, and there was one!  If you haven't had Vanilla Bean Cheesecake at TGI Fridays, you might want to save up your diet points and get one some time - it is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!  My kids were pretty filthy after playing at camp all afternoon, so we didn't feel we could go into Fridays - so I just sent in my ever attentive husband, and he brought out the cheesecake - and we ate it right there in the car.

Then when we got home, it was time for dinner.  Since my eating plan for the day was already shot - i decided we could go ahead and eat some............

It just goes on and on.

The good news is - I didn't let it ruin my eating for the next three years.  Yesterday, I was back on track - and even dragged my 60 lb 4 year old home from work in a wagon (BIG MISTAKE).  Ant today, when my time to take a walk alarm went off, I took a walk.  So I am back in the saddle - putting the horror of Sunday behind me (but not the horror of Vanilla bean Cheese Cake).

I just keep telloing myself - the only thing standing between me and my weight loss goals is food - lots and lots of food.  I am stronger than food!

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