Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Today we went to the Earth Day Celebration at Goodenow Grove (Plum creek Nature Center) in Beecher, IL.  This is the same place where my children were swarmed and stung mercilessly by angry yellow jackets last fall, but it is also a place we always have, and always will, love.  Even the most traumatic experience in my children's lives thus far couldn't keep them away for ever - and on this visit - all of their fear seemed to have dissipated.

Anyhoo - that is another story.  I kinda figured that dragging the little bambinos to the site of their greatest fear would be a big boost to my new 'eco-attitude'.  Earth day was lovely, peaceful, educational, and enjoyable.  We loved it as a family.  There was good organic food, lots of information, games, recycleable arts and crafts, honey bees, nature hikes, worm composting and a lovely family picnic in the pavilion.  Here's some pictures:

Elijah and the bees.  See - no more trauma!

Mikey searching for critters under a log.

Marko with his friend "Worm."

It was really great, and I learned a lot about worm composting and about honey bees - but by far, for me, the best part of the day was laying on a picnic table in the sun with my eyes closed listening to the sounds of spring birds and frogs.  Relaxing out in nature is definitely the best thing in the world to do as far as I'm concerned.  Be it at the beach, at lilacia park, or at the forest preserve - there is nothing I like more that laying down, closing my eyes, feeling the sun and the breeze on my skin.

So I was laying there, feeling great, when it hit me.  two things were happening here.  One good and one not so good.  The good - I am realizing that I am happiest in nature and that is where I should be.  I used to know that - but I think I forgot it somewhere along the way.  The not so good thing is that I am realizing that I am also happiest when I am laying around - which may be directly related to my fat laziness problem.  So - there is a problem needing to be solved.

How can I stay true to myself if I truly want a healthier body when my true self is truly happiest laying around being truly fat?  These are two ideas of self at odds with each other.  On the one hand we have the fit, hot, energetic me running along the beach in my bikini, long braids blowing in the ocean breezes.  Then there is the relaxed, peaceful, fat me smiling in my mumu with a giant BBQ turkey leg in my hand.  

So, I was laying there, in the sunlight, listening to the birds, considering this dilemma - when an idea popped into my head - a simple, beautiful idea - YOGA.  I can lay on my bench, peaceful, eyes closed, birds singing, butterflies playing with my hair, bunnies hopping all around, gentle does gazing at me through the grass - doing YOGA!!!!  So - I'm not being fat and lazy - I'm being progressive, enlightened, and cosmic minded.  It's the perfect solution!

So, I whipped out my computer (I know I promised to leave it at home, but, hey, I'm not perfect - yet).  I searched for available yoga books on my kindle.  You see, whenever I get a great new idea about something I want to do, like building trellises, or making furniture, or experimenting with nuclear reactors, I immediately order a book on the subject.  So, I checked the kindle site for a yoga book that seemed right for me and I found the perfect one!!!  Check this out:


Isn't that just made for me?  I am just so psyched about smartass yoga!  so, I can be all cool and new age and STILL be a smartass!  Life just doesn't get much better than this!!!!

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