Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Two

OK - maybe thee term "get healthy is too broad and too much to do all at once. I know that a lot of times on blogs - people give themselves a time limit, but because this is a lifelong pursuit - I am going to make death the end of my project.

Anyway - overnight health is harder than it sounds. Even though I know in my brain what it takes to live a healthy life - my body and emotions seem to keep over-riding my logic. For instance - yesterday went pretty well until I loaded up a spoonful of peanut butter right before bed and then stuck a bunch of M&M's in it. It was a lovely piece f art - but I ruined the aesthetic appeal when I ate it. Here is the positive point - I just admitted it in my blog.

Anyway - I think I will aim for one change at a time. Here is the first - I am going to take my kids to the park after school each day that it is nice. There are many factors here that will lead me to more inner peace - 1. I'm getting the kids away from electronic screens 2. I am spending quality time with my children 3. We are all getting exercise 4. They are not driving me nuts with their screaming, fighting, jumping and throwing sharp objects in the house. Looks like we may have to leave real soon (I say as a ninja star flies past my head sticking into the wall behind me).

Last thing - I posted the following on facebook "Looking for inner peace, any suggestions?" I got many suggestions - from wine (the ultimate bringer of inner peace if it weren't so full of calories) to prayer to spending time in the woods. The woods sound the most likely to me at the moment - maybe combined with the wine and the prayer - I'll have to test that theory and let you know. Any more ideas for instant inner peace? All suggestions are welcome, and testable.

Off to the park - hope the kids don't fight so that I can sit quietly on the bench ignoring them and feeling joy with the world (even though I have no wine).


  1. So, how did it go at the Park? Did you feel better? Did they feel better?

  2. The park makes everyone feel better (other than the part where Mikey scratched Marko with a stick. Oh yeah, and the fact that Marko is the slowest so he is always it in tag, and that one time where I helped Marko with tag and we cornered Mikey and he got super mad - picture his mad face) But, yeah, we all felt better afterward.