Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The inner peace buzz kill

OK - inner peace buzz kill number one - I wrote this whole thing last night about taking responsibility for my own feelings and actions - it even included a quote - and now it's not here. Stupid computer! I was going to get up this morning and read my brilliant prose, then comment on it further, and then think about all of the lives I would be touching with my words of wisdom - with my unwillingness to let outside forces, negative people, and incidences out of my control ruin my personal sense of joy and peace - but NOOOOOO. Now the whole day is ruined!

After reviewing my late night feel good words, I was going to then add that the #1 killer of inner peace is getting my kids up for school, which I should have started doing four minutes ago, except I then had to search frantically for my missing blog draft. So now, not only do I have to tell them it is time to get up only to be yelled at, kicked and ignored - I have to do it late - making it a much worse situation than it could have been otherwise.

In conclusion - # 1 inner peace killer is a computer glitch. #2 inner peace killer is getting my kids up for school. # 3 inner peace killer is getting my kids up for school late. So - time to face the piper I guess.

How can a person be expected to pursue a healthy lifestyle with all of these obstacles standing in the way? Maybe some answer will come later. Wish me luck.


  1. I'm following! I am a big fan of Julie/Julia and I know it was important for Julie to have a comment from someone besides her mom.....=)

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  3. with all those boys in the house how do you even have any inner peace to begin with?? I'm following too!

  4. Yeah - Julie/ Julia got me started - thank you for understanding the need to know somebody out there is reading my twisted visions. I'm not learning to cook yet - but maybe something else will come of it.

  5. Plus, I had to beg my mom to follow my blog.