Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Lovely day

Well, it was another lovely day at another great place.  Today we went to Civil War Days at Naper
Settlement in Naperville, IL.  First of all, Naper Settlement is a very cool place with gardens, lots of open space, and many historical buildings.  Second of all, reenactments are always interesting with people in period costume, selling period items, and explaining history in a very hands on way.

So, we drank homemade root beer (all I can say is -  yummmmm), my boys learned how to act as soldiers in a civil war regiment, we enjoyed a baby animal petting zoo, and we watched a battle reenactment.  However, the definite highlight of the day was an epic Lord of The Flies style battle of young children claiming themselves to be either 'confederate' or 'reunion' soldiers.

If you have never attended a war reenactment, there are certain requirements. The most important of these is that every child in attendance be given, by their generous parents, some item that reflects the time period being    represented.  In this way, the children can feel more a part of the event.  In this case, the items of choice for little boys are weapons and uniforms.  So, my children, along with the other children in attendance found themselves armed with wooden swords and guns.

After witnessing the battle scene, these children split themselves into two teams (partly based on which uniform items their parents had purchased,) and ran amok among the fort and log cabins of Naper Settlement attacking enemy troops, planning strategies, and whooping out child-like war cries.  I'm sure it sounds somewhat savage - but it was actually somewhat beautiful.

You see, living with five boys (husband included) can be difficult at times.  There are times when the energy level is so high that it seems unbearable.  All of that testosterone in such a small space is a lot to deal with, especially when I am seeking calm and peace.  However, seeing these boys in their natural environment - running wild Tom Sawyer style - is quite an inspiring experience.

Boys, I believe, are like puppies.  If they are not given opportunities to run wild in the outdoors, they start chewing up shoes and destroying furniture.  However, when given ample space and high energy games, they arrive home tired and sweet - ready to cuddle and stare with those loving eyes.  Honestly, life just doesn't get much better than that.

So - tomorrow, I will be considering a statement my Aunt Lenore made.  She was quoting someone when she said: "You should never eat imitation food-like products - only real food."  Simple, yet profound - something to ponder, ay?

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  1. A wonderfully inspiring blog. Such a great mother you are!