Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shrek Forever After

I LOVE Shrek!  I mean, love like I want to marry Shrek.  As a matter of fact, my husband bears a strong resemblance to Shrek, which I realize now, is probably what first attracted me to him (you see, I have often wondered what on earth first attracted me to him).


See the resemblance?

Anyway - this newest Shrek movie was so poignant to my life right now.

You see, Shrek, who has a wife who loves him,k three beautiful children, and lots of adoring friends, begins to feel like he has lost something of himself (his ogreness).  He finds, through a series of magical events, that while a part of his youthful self was sacrificed, that the life he was living was far better than the life that would have been.  He learned to appreciate what he has instead of glorifying the past or fretting about the future. He learned that becoming an adult meant giving up some parts of youth - but that becoming an adult is much more rewarding.
Shrek The Third
So, inspiration can come from strange places at times.  This time it is Shrek that made me think about new ways to approach this life I'm living.  I have, in this blog, lamented the loss of parts of my youthful self.  I also have a habit of projecting and getting myself worked up about things that are yet to occur (if they occur at all).  What Shrek taught me is to live in the present (live 'in the now' as they say), and appreciate all of the good things in my life.

So - here are a few of them:  I have four .absolutely beautiful, wonderful sons who I adore, and who I wouldn't trade for anything.  I have a husband who, while still annoying, loves and cares for our family and who is willing to do just about anything I ask him to do (besides handy-man type work like fixing the gaping hole in the back of our kitchen cabinet - but, nobodys perfect, right).  I have a job five minutes from my home where I get to hang out with little kids all day, do science experiments, take walks, and play outside.  I have friends who I love to hang out with and make fun of everything with.  I have my parents nearby - who are both healthy and energetic at their extremely advanced age (that was for you, mom), and I have my stupid, adoring little dog who is trying to get me to stop typing and pet him at this very moment.

I know I like to complain and rant and get annoyed - but I really do love my quiet, simple life and all of the people in it.  so, Shrek has given me my healthy change for the week.  While I still believe in the connectedness of past present and future - and I still believe there are parts of myself that I should recognize and cherish that have been set aside for a while - the most important thing is to live in the present day, and be grateful for all of the good things in my life rather than waste my time and energy longing for some major change.  I have it really good - can't complain.

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