Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poor Pepper

OK, last August I had a birthday.  For my birthday I got a PUPPY!

Going back in time before last August - I kept saying I wanted a puppy.  My husband, however was completely against the idea.  You see, we are actually more like cat people, and at the time of my birthday we had two grown cats, and the five kittens of one of our cats.  We were planning on keeping two of the kittens for our boys, and finding homes for the other three.  So, obviously, adding a dog to the mix didn't make much sense.

Still, I kept pushing the issue.  I, however, had a very very good reason - and here it is:

I wanted a dog because dogs need to be walked, and by having a dog I would be forced to walk every single day.  The dog would be my exercise partner and my incentive - and, I was certain, the dog wouldn't take no for an answer.  Like that commercial where the dog brings the shoes and the leash to the guy while the guy is asleep in bed.

So, because my husband is scared of not giving me what I want, on my birthday, we all piled into the car and went to a farm, and I picked out a puppy.  It was the greatest birthday ever!  Plus, it meant I was about to get in shape!

My baby, Pepper.

So, now I need to tell you about my baby, Pepper.  He is a small, black, cute, friendly, loyal, protective dog.  He is totally crazy about me.  HE follows me around the house whenever I move, sits on my lap whenever I sit, and cries and cries whenever I leave.  My Pepper is the one person in my life who has absolute, unconditional love and devotion for me, no matter what I do.  Pepper is never annoyed by me, he is never upset with me, he is never sick of me, he never wants to do anything unless it's with me, he is completely depressed when I am away from him, but he forgives me immediately and absolutely when I return.  I can count on Pepper to always be there for me.

There is only one problem with this otherwise perfect dog.  He likes to take walks, but he doesn't really care if we take walks or not.  If I walk him, he trots beside looking up at me with love in his eyes.  If I sit and mess around on the computer, he sits beside me and looks up at me with love in his eyes. If I lay around and do nothing, he lays around and looks at me with love in his eyes,  if I eat, he sits at my fit and stares up at me with love in his eyes and waits for me to give him a bite (which I do, because he's so cute and he's looking at me with those loving eyes).

What loving me has done.

So, while my Pepper definitely serves an important purpose in my life - he doesn't serve his intended purpose.  And now, after only 9 months with me, he's starting to get fat, too.  So, the exercise partner of my dreams, instead of being my motivation, has simply become my partner in all things fat and lazy.

Yeah, who does this remind you of?

But, I can't blame it all on Pepper.  I guess it's just another example of the idea that people can only change for themselves.  I can't change for my husband (as if I would), I can't change for my kids, I can't change for the hot UPS man, I can't even change for my loving, dedicated baby boy, Pepper.  I can only change for me.

But, as part of my new determination to improve my health, I can work on improving the health of my loved ones as well.  Naturally, I want to bring those closest to me along with me on this journey.  This begins with my biggest love, my dog, my baby, my partner in life, Pepper. (Not to mention that I know Pepper will accompany me without complaint).

So, I know you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what healthy change I would choose this week, and, finally, here it is:  My healthy change for the week of May 2, 2010 is that.........dun dun dun..........I am going to walk my fatso dog every day.  I will wear my Anti Shoes, and I will use the time previously reserved for Farmville to improve my fitness level, and that of my dog, who I hope to have with me for many many years to come. (I'm pretty sure he'll outlive my fatso husband, at least).

Me and Pepper, together forever!

Coming soon:  keep tuning in to hear the story of me training for a half marathon:


  1. Poor fat Pepper!! I love your goal for this week - good for both of you! Another great funny blog!

  2. I loved your blog about Pepper!!! I also got a dog last year for many of the same reasons!!! I do tend to walk a little bit more with "Daisy" but not nearly as much as I should!!! Of course I have the bad knee excuse!!!

  3. While my Duke loves me unconditionally, looks sad when I leave, and pines and won't eat when I'm out of town, he DOES give me the "the look" starting about 2 in the afternoon. He just sits and stares at me until I say that magic word "walk" - he is losing some weight but unfortunately not me....=)

  4. well i dont no how to do this thing