Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad Pickles

I'm baaaacck!  Back from the dead? you ask.  Well, practically!  I am back from food poisoning.  So, I haven't been ignoring you - I just haven't been able to drag myself out of bed and write.

If you have ever experienced food poisoning, you know something about my past 36 hours.  If you don't - you can look it up online - I'm not going to get detailed about the nasty symptoms.The culprit - I believe it was some pickles I has carried around in my lunch bag for several days - they seemed fine when I ate them, BUT, my bodies violent insistence on getting them out (along with everything else that had been put in) - pretty much convinced me that something of the pickles had been amiss.

Rotten Pickle by PaulCochran.

Yes, I have had a pretty miserable time of it.  And even though I am better now, I will still accept flowers, cards and well wishes.  Really.

Bad Pickle

So, while I was lying in bed - unable to eat, unable to move, read, play games, unable to do anything but lay there - there was one happy idea floating around in my head.  Here it is - when you can't eat because your body rejects every single thing you put into it - and you don't even feel like eating - YOU LOSE WEIGHT!!! Whoo whoo!  So, the way I was looking at it, every thing I had eaten Thursday evening was negated - and everything I would have eaten Friday didn't happen.  so, even though no other living occurred for that 36 hour period, at least I came out of it a few pounds thinner.  Can't beat that.

Cheap dates

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