Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

For all you mothers out there - you do a wonderful job, I hope you feel loved and appreciated on this day that is designed to celebrate you.

In general, Mother's Day always reminds me how selfless and giving mothers are. Maybe its because I'm the only female in my household, but, for me at least, Mother's Day is always a little lacking.
One example of this is the fact that I have to be the one to remind my boys to say Happy Mothers Day to me. I mean, I am hoping they will grow to be thoughtful husbands someday - so, somebody has to remind them, right?

So, today, I got my husband out of bed, and reminded him that it was Mother's Day. He then, very obviously, asked my 7 year old to go to the store for flowers. Mikey was busy playing computer games, and wasn't interested. So, my husband was about to just go on his own, when I suggested to our youngest son Marko, might go with him. (The older two boys were, naturally, still asleep).

They came back with flowers, and then Marko wanted to watch TV and the annoying husband whipped out the laptop.

I was, at this point, somewhat underwhelmed. Giving credit where credit is due, my 17 year old son did say 'Happy Mother's Day' when he got up, and then he swept the floor. (So, maybe there is hope for the next generation).

Around noon, I woke up the last of my four sons, and reminded him to say Happy Mother's Day to me. "Oh yeah," was his reply.

Finally, I asked if we might be going anywhere for Mother's Day. My husband suggested we go out for lunch. Now, at least somebody is learning, because for the last few years we have spent hours on Mother's Day driving from one restaurant to another trying to find a place without an incredibly long wait. So, this year, I called around and found a place that could put us on their list.

So, we had a nice lunch, and then we went to my mother's house for a lovely Mother's Day dinner.  So, right now, my husband is relaxing on the couch while I make sure baths and homework are done.

So, if any men out there are interested, here are some Mother's Day tips. Think of all of the things the mother of your children does every other day, and do those things for her. Some examples: wake up the kids and get them ready, make breakfast, remind the kids to say Happy Mother's Day, tell the kids to get off the computer and recognize the day, have gifts and flowers in advance and give them before you are asked, have plans for the day made in advance (and pay for it), be thoughtful - don't think of things YOU would like - think of things SHE would like, talk to your kids before Mother's Day about what you and they are going to do together for their mother, clean up, offer to let mother relax while you get the kids ready for bed, ask if she wants or needs anything, put the kids to bed, tell her what a great mother she is. Those are a few examples. Believe me, if you follow those guidelines, you will have a happy wife on Mother's Day, and her friends will be so envious. I mean, it's only one day, right?

I know that tomorrow I will be with other mothers I know, expressing my disappointment in Mother's Day once again, and laughing about how pitiful men are. So, any men who want to avoid being the butt of the post Mother's Day jokes- in the future - try to remember my guidelines for the perfect Mother's Day. (These also apply to birthdays, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day or when you want to ask if you can spend a few days in Vegas with your buddies, or a few days before The World Cup begins, etc).


  1. did you know...that there is a website where married people can go to find new loves. The day the MOST women join is the day after Valentines Day...followed closely by the day after MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Just sayin.