Friday, May 14, 2010

The Hula Chair

I have finally found it! The greatest piece of exercise equipment ever made.  The Hula Chair:

Honestly, though, the picture doesn't do it justice.  You should really click on the link below so you can watch this chair in action on You Tube:

YouTube - The Hula Chair will make you smile

So - this is so cool.  All you have to do is plug the chair into a wall, sit down, and press a button.  In a circular, side to side motion, the hula chair move in a rhythmic action, thus activating muscles of your legs, buttock, and abdominals.  While providing all of this intense muscular activity, it also loosens the spine, massages the back, increases balance and range of motion, cures constipation and teaches ancient ethnic dance.

All of this occurs while the sitter is sitting passively in front of the television.  Imagine it, a chair that can improve one's life so dramatically - without any effort on the part of the sitter.  I SO WANT TO BE THAT SITTER!

Here's my vision.  I can have a Hula chair at home where I can sit and watch television, or BLOG (huh?  Oh yeah!), one in my lovely office space at work, and one in each of my classrooms, so I can sit and get fit while teaching or doing paperwork.  Maybe, though, for the classroom they better be cordless and on casters, so that I can still move around the room when necessary.  In addition - a Hula Seat Pad for the car for long trips.  Maybe even a Hula Wheel chair for those times when I am away from home and work - for instance, my family can just push my hulaing butt all over the zoo.  I wonder if there is a Hula Recliner that I can sleep on?

This has got to be the greatest Fat Lazy piece of exercise equipment ever!  Finally, I can sit on my A** and still keep up with my work outs!  It just doesn't get much better than this!

Anybody know where I can get a coconut sports bra?

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