Sunday, May 30, 2010


Some random person texting on a random phone
The other day I received a text message from one of those youngsters ( I can use that word now that I am officially an oldster).  Anyway, in this text it said BTW.  That was a new one to me (me, who for about a year thought LOL meant Lots of Love.  Me, who asked my son what IMAO meant, only to be told it was LMAO while he L'd his AO at me).  I responded - IDKWTM - which apparently meant nothing because I was met with a lonely '?'.  I tried again - IDKWTHBTWM!!!!! - again, nothing but a '?'

So I started thinking to myself - "Who is this great texting guru who comes up with all of these MFing acrnyms, and who dies and made them the king of texting?  Why are they allowed to WTF and BTW and everybody just latches right onto it - when I, in all of my ultimate coolness, am met with a succession of ?...?...?...?s?  And, besides that, how does everyone under the age of 25 seem to just understand all of those strings of letters, while the rest of us are still stuck on words, sentences and grammar?"

Anyway, the youngsters don't actually read my blog because they aren't really interested in the harebrained ravings of a fat middle aged woman.  But, the good news is, since they don't read the blog, they also don't know that I am officially old - and I don't want them to find out.   I mean, I may have one son who graduated high school - but I have one who is still in preschool - which makes me.....what......insane?  Well, never mind that.  Anyway,  I decided it was time to do some research and get with the times.

Well - research didn't help.  BTW alone has 21 definitions.  Some of these are: Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde  (whatever that means), Bad To Watch, But That's Wild, By The Way, British Tourism Week and Burn The Witches.  I found a few other interesting ones - like :

congr@ul8  for   congratulate

 I mean, by the time you type that all out, why not just type the actual  word?

dapol for    ashes
That I just don't get.  Do you?

ncycbtah  for   never count your chickens before they are hatched

As if I would ever be able to figure that one out.
So, kISS (keep it simple stupid), which, to me, means stick with words and sentences - because that whole texting thing is just too confusing to an oldster like me.  Well, I'll catch you OtFS.  Fat Lazy Soccer Mom out.

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