Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I heard very sad news today about a little boy who used to be in my preschool class, and who is now very ill - and facing a surgery which doctor's warn he may not survive.  This boy is in kindergarten this year, and this will be one of a long string of surgeries and procedures he has had to undergo in his short life. This poor little boy has been through so much, but he is always a kind, sweet, positive, happy presence.

News like this makes me realize that I am complaining about things in my life that are so so so insignificant.  It makes me realize that all the petty things that I let bother me, and that I think about for hours - or days - just don't matter at all.

I have to say that there are some people, some situations, some things that just plain get on my nerves.  I sometimes have a tendency to become easily annoyed.  I have a propensity for letting other's attitudes and words effect my emotions - therefore effecting my entire day.  And, sometimes - my own attitude is just plain bad.

I think it's time to change all that.  I have met people who seem to be able to stay positive in all situations - who smile in the face of negativity, adversity, difficulty, and misfortune.  When these people are around - everyone starts to feel a little more happy - the positive energy is contagious.  I want to work to be more like those people.  I want to be the one that lightens the mood instead of the one pulled down by the mood.

It seems to me the universe is sending me a message lately - there are so many good things to appreciate in my life.  There are many things to smile about each and every day.  Maybe the trick is to focus on those things and to love those who deserve or need to be loved - with an open heart.  Life is fragile - I believe we should enjoy it, appreciate it, and be happy to be living it.

With that - I think it's time for me to go hug my kids.  I am so deeply grateful to have them.  Gotta make sure they know that.

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